Koiner Farm Tour and Compost Demonstration


Koiner Farm, the only urban farm in Montgomery County welcomed us along with Bethesda Green, the Montgomery County Food Council, the Compost Crew, and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. Each organization shared their connection to our food system, starting with how food is grown to how food scraps are turned into compost.  Attendees learned how to reduce food waste at home while enriching their gardens and the environment by composting food scraps.



Tip of the Day

Reduce wasted food in your refrigerator.
In the U.S. 40% of all food produced is wasted every year. You can reduce the amount of wasted food in your refrigerator with these tips: Wrap leftover cheese loosely in wax paper, not plastic; Keep flour fresher almost twice as long by freezing it; Use a slice of bread to soften up hardened brown sugar.

Save the Food

About Community Food Rescue

Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, is the coordinated food recovery network of Montgomery County, Maryland. This program enhances the good work of businesses, individuals, and organizations that already recover and redistribute perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger.

Community Food Rescue Because food is a terrible thing to waste Manna Food Center Fighting Hunger & Feeding Hope