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Speckled band. Con Audiolibro (The)

DATA DI RILASCIO: 21/07/2003
ISBN: 9788849406160
LINGUAGGIO: italiano
AUTORE: Arthur Conan Doyle

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Descrizione: A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four), by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ... Macmillan Readers: The Speckled Band and Other Stories Pack ... .It was originally published in Strand Magazine in February 1892, with illustrations by Sidney Paget, and later as the eighth story in the collection The Adventures of ... The Speckled Band is one of 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story first appeared in The Strand Magazine in 1892 with illustrations by Sidney Paget.. Doyle agreed with Holmes fans that The Speckled Band was his best Sherlock Holmes stor ... L'avventura della banda maculata - Wikipedia ... .. Doyle agreed with Holmes fans that The Speckled Band was his best Sherlock Holmes story. The narrative moves along at a rapid pace, with Holmes making his many witty and spot-on points based ... The Speckled Band: one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes adventures, published in 1892. Doyle considered this tale to be his best Holmes story - a "locked door" mystery. It has been adapted for stage, film, radio, and TV and is now available in audiobook format, where Phillip J. Mather's masterful delivery transports the listener back over 100 years to Victorian England. One of the three stories from this book of short stories. The girl hears a whistle at night. She can't find the explanation for it. Then she dies. Does this whistle have anything to do with her ... The Adventure of the Speckled Band Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE (1859 - 1930) Sherlock Holmes and Watson are awoken early by a distraught woman desperately seeking their aid. Something is terribly wrong ... The Speckled Band and Other Stories is an adapted Intermediate level reader written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book consists of three short stories as Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson, investigate the cases of 'The Speckled Band', 'The Dancing Men' and 'The Red-Headed League'. Includes an Audio CD....